2 Dudes: Dave Molenda and Timothy Stewart

The 2 dudes are late due to the holiday weekend and all I did to prep. Since last week actually had 11 dudes I feel like this is OK. I was surprised by both of this weeks dudes.

Dave Molenda

On Monday I went to one of the strangest presentations every. It was a listening presentation given in the middle of a loud karaoke event. From time to time at PONG there are loud noises that come from the room next door. However when Dave Molenda gave his presentation on listening in the interview process. There was actual karaoke happening next door. At one point Dave was describing how most people forget half of what you say in 48 hours while someone was belting out an interesting rendition of “My Girl” next door. I think Dave may have hit on something big here. If you want people to remember what you say, you should say it while competing with other loud noises. We also did a a closed eyes paper folding exercise during “King of the Road” It showed us how important seeing and asking questions is to the listening processes. Through all of the songs Dave continued to stay positive and give us great advice on the importance of listening. He is a great image for his company, Positive Polarity.

Timothy Stewart

Later in the week I met with Timothy Stewart. Tim is an attorney at DeWitt Ross & Stevens. He has a fascinating job. He works with businesses that want to transition into being employee owned. This often times happens under a combination of circumstances. It is when a family business no longer has family to pass it down to and the owner does not want to risk the employees livelihood to anyone else. There were some other criteria but this was the main one. By having an employee owned option a business owner is given a way to retire and feel good about the survival of the business. It made me feel good just listening to Timothy. As I continue to gain clients and see different business models I will be sure to be looking for potential customers for Tim. He is a great person to know.

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