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Bill Reilly

I just received an Information Technology Assessment from Level 5ive Consulting. It was thorough, insightful and forward-thinking. Greg took the time to sit down with me and had questions that I would have never considered but are critically important to a start up. I would recommend to anyone that they should sit down with Greg. It is well worth your time to have an assessment done no matter what stage your company is in.

Andy Hulen

Greg it was great catching up with you as well.  You are very observant!  Nice recommendations which I will pass along at our next management meeting.  I like the dry cleaner system visualization out in the shop, technology is moving quickly, who knows.


Re: Leadership for PONG workshop on March 26, 2018

Greg Stellflue did a great job facilitating this session - informative and entertaining!

Greg helped me get my LinkedIn profile in shape, provided me with interview techniques, and helped me feel more confident about myself and my abilities.