Our Approach

We will provide affordable management gigs to an organization that will help them mature their Information Technology (IT) organization. We currently have 4 gigs we offer and the best part is one of them is free. We offer a free assessment gig. We also offer 3 Virtual IT Executive gigs. See our Gigs page for more information.

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Meet the Team

Our company is an LLC owned by the husband and wife team of Vicki and Greg Stellflue. Vicki is the majority owner with Greg providing the technical experience. As the managing partner Vicki is charged with the day to day operations. Her background in running a small chiropractic office for 3 years as well as her background in accounts payable make her an ideal candidate for this role.

Vicki Stellflue – CEO


As co-owner and Virtual IT Executive Greg will bring his 30+ years of experience in large organizations to the team. His passion to help organizations is evident in his consistent track record of exceeding expectations in his roles at Johnson Controls. His ability to take the best of large organizations and lean it out and use it in maturing IT organizations is what fuels his passion. Once you meet him and have him lead an assessment Gig you will understand why he is uniquely positioned to deliver value to your organization. Take a look at this capabilities sheet to see what we mean.

Greg Stellflue – Virtual IT Executive