2 Dudes: Eagan Heath and Pecha Kucha

What in the world is a Pecha Kucha? Is that some sort of Pokemon? No it is not but read on to find out. This weeks 2 dudes is kind of stretching the limit of what a dude is but the Pecha Kucha event I attended at Social Media Madison Breakfast was so cool that it beats my old favorite breakfast of Eggs Benedict by a long shot. So congratulations Pecha Kucha you are now a dude.

The first dude is another American Family Dreambank dude. I have so many now I created a category for them. This week I saw a webinar with Eagan Heath. Eagan is an SEO guru. He hooked us up with some great free SEO tips. I had worked some last week to try to up my SEO but he gave me 3 tools that will help really up my game. The first is a Chrome add in called Keywords Everywhere. I can now type in search phrases and see the keywords and know how much they are used. What an awesome tool to help me understand who is searching for the keywords that I find important. The second was Ubersuggest. Using it I can type in phases and it will suggest keywords for me. I have to admit I haven’t played with it much but it looks intriguing. The last is a WordPress plugin I added to my site. It is Yoast SEO and it make SEO a breeze. This one is by far the best one I have seen and it connects automagically to Google Search Console so that is a huge bonus. It was time for me to learn more about SEO and Eagan was the manna that I needed. Look him up if you want to get found.

On to Pecha Kucha. What do you do if you have 10 people who really know a lot about about social media and you want to have them all present at a social media breakfast IN 30 MINUTES? Well the old and boring way would be to have a panel discussion and maybe throw 2 or 3 questions at the group. Well Social Media Breakfast Madison does nothing old and boring from what I can see. They had each person prepare 8 slides, showed each slide for 18 seconds on a timer and voila you have 10 three minutes presentations. Here is the list of 10 dudes and the questions they answered (the snarky italics are my comments):

  • Spencer Smith @spencerXsays – How do you measure ROI of social and communicate it to clients? (I should have given him the shirt off my back)
  • Sarah Best @ARunningList – What are some tips for communicating effectively and being time efficient with social media? (Still rockin the social media disco)
  • Kyle Fetters Slyce_of_Pye – How do you grow your Instagram following? (No he doesn’t slice his cat pictures)
  • Andrew Friske @afriske1 – How does Snapchat work? (If Snapchat doesn’t sign him up as an influencer they are cra cra)
  • Karen Wenning @suttlestraus – How do you mix in “traditional media” into planning? (We don’t need no stinkin microphones)
  • Stephanie Beirne Leuer @thestephaniebee – How to share the power of your impact without using pictures of those who use your services directly (We both have roots in Ettrick!!)
  • Jess Bahr @jessbtweets – How do you create content that is more engaging? (Field of dreams is dead at a baseball field was very bold)
  • Steena Cirves @SteenaROAR – How do you create video content with little or no budget? (Give me horizontal video or give me death)
  • Nick Meyers @therednickm – What is the best way to promote your business on LinkedIn? (the quick RED fox jumped…)
  • Don Stanley @3rhinomedia – What are some tips for building a personal brand on social media? (Looking for my tribe and my Yoda. My tribe Yoda is?)

I left this meeting Wednesday morning with a renewed sense of dedication to making my social media marketing and sales for my business a more rich and time saving experience for my customers. Thanks to all of you I pulled one or 2 tidbits for each 3 minutes and have implemented 4 or 5 already this week. What a great group. I hope to be able to see them all again.

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