2 Dudes: Gabe Wichser and Stephanie Hall

Even though it was a short week I still managed to meet 2 dudes. The theme this week is new ideas. A podcast and a list of best IT shops are the ideas and the dudes helped me think through them. Both were very helpful in 2 ideas for the journey to start our new company.

Gabe Wichser

I  have been toying with the idea of creating a podcast but for those of you who know me I rarely have much to say. As I was walking through the Milwaukee Business Expo on Friday I found Gabe Wichser at the GoGeddit Media booth. They had some microphones setup and and I asked what those were for? I was wondering if they were running a live feed, but it turns out they were just talking to dudes. I told Gabe about my 2 dudes blog and he sat me down at the mic and we proceed to talk for 5 minutes on the 2 dudes. It was very easy. Gabe has a great personality and I can imagine setting up a podcast with him would be so much fun. If you have an idea for a podcast sit with Gabe and I am sure it will be a success.

Stephanie Hall

The next day I met with Stephanie Hall the executive director of COSBE from MMAC. I have been trying to decide if I should create a small business IT best of list. Since Stephanie runs the Future 50 list for COSBE I wanted to get some advice from her. She had lots of great advice on things to think about. I should consider sponsorship. I need an objective algorithm. Working with other IT firms in the area would make the task easier. I should keep it simple. I really appreciated the time she gave me and all of the great nuggets to mull over. Walking away after talking to her I realized that an idea kept to myself is like a candle put under a shade. It needs to be out in the open to be seen. I will be vetting my idea over the next several weeks with many more people and who knows maybe someday soon there will be a list of small businesses who have IT that make them proud.

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