Why did you choose the name Level 5ive Consulting?

People Have been asking me a couple of great questions recently. The first is why did you name your company Level 5ive Consulting and the second is what’s up with that logo?

Why Level 5ive?

Level 5ive is intended to encompass the journey from having IT that is too large to just ignore to the point where you are proud of the value that your IT provides. The 5 levels are:

  1. Large enough to no longer ignore.
  2. Everyone understand how much IT costs.
  3. Value based plans are built.
  4. Everyone is following IT strategies.
  5. Loved by all and continuously improved.

Many consulting firms break this down into 2 models. The first 2 levels are refereed to as below the line IT. This means companies manage IT as a cost model. The last 3 levels are when companies manage IT as a strategic value driver for the business. The gap between is a difficult leap and not all companies are willing to take that leap.

What’s up with your logo?

The logo consists of map dot intended to represent the journey through the 5 levels of IT. The path through the logo takes on the shape of 5 as well to help tie back to the name. We  build an IT assessment using the 5 levels to assess the different dimensions a company has in their IT.

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