2 Dudes: Kat Ramirez and Jim Costello

I again had discussions this week on what a female dude would be called. They are called dudes.

This week I was trying to be forward thinking and get out in front of what my advertising needs might be. I signed up for a free one hour assessment with Kat Ramirez from adBidtise. Kat is a straight shooter with excellent creativity. Her assessment helped me open my eyes to a couple of things I was doing wrong in  my sales sequence. She also hit me with the 2 sticks I need to be hit with. The first was the get on the phone stick. Make the calls to the people you have been connected with. Then she hit me with the value stick. Get your value proposition out there first and foremost. Stop wasting peoples time and tell them what value you can give them. Kat you will be happy to know in my coffee this morning I lead, sandwiched and ended with value. I spent the rest of the morning making phone calls. Next week should be off the rails great.

The second dude is Jim Costello. I met Jim through a Lee Hect Harrison networking group that I attend to help my career transition to the new business. Jim is a seasoned Operations Executive who is in transition as well. Last week in our meeting he talked about how there was a lull in his search so he took the opportunity to cold call some target companies that he found interesting. This week he told us about the many opportunities that have come his way since those cold calls. For me it was kind of like getting hit with the other end of the get on the phone stick. Not sure if my readers need an operations guy, but if you do get in touch with Jim. He is going to make a new company successful. It is easy to see from the way he approaches everything he does.

As always if you don’t have time to meet either of of this weeks dudes feel free to sign up for a coffee or lunch with me here. I would be happy to talk more with you about why you should talk with them.

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