Why choose an independent Virtual IT Executive?

In this video I tell a fable of a Chief Chicken Officer Fox in charge of contract chickens. https://youtu.be/qxngR–0YOg  While this is an IT guys attempt at humor what is the real reason it is so important to have an independent Virtual IT Executive?

Several times in the past week I have been asked what makes Level 5ive Consulting different from the full stack consulting companies that offer managed help desk services, development services, project management services and virtual CIO services. The key difference is objectivity. As you can imagine the full stack companies will use their organization to provide any and all services they have. In some cases this may be fine but it is rare that they are the best player in an area in all of the services. While one may be best at managed help desk another will be best for project management services. Having an independent Virtual IT Executive allows for the selection of the best of all companies IT services.

There is one more very important factor in having an independent Virtual IT Executive. There are 3 parts of your organization that a senior IT leader should focus on. That is applications, infrastructure and organization. It is easy to find a Virtual CIO that will focus on your infrastructure and your applications. However if you have existing IT staff it will be very difficult to find a Virtual CIO that will manage and grow that staff. As a Virtual IT Executive that is a key part of our offering. One of our key performance indicators is building out succession planning and career growth paths for your current IT staff. One day someone from that staff will need to be ready to be your CIO. As person who has helped to train 5 C-Level IT executives, that is a part of our service that makes us unique.

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Greg Stellflue is a remarkable Information Technology leader with rich experience in multiple IT disciplines.

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